Peace Lutheran Church

The Beginning

Peace Lutheran Church came into being when a number of members of Saint Paul's Ev. Lutheran Church in Arlington felt the need to separate from that fellowship. There were differences which could not be reconciled. In the Fall of 1982, meetings were held to form and organize a new Lutheran church in the Missouri Synod. At this time, a Steering Committee was formed to lay the groundwork for a new congregation. The committee members were: Arlen Bruhjell, Mrs. Arnold Grove, Gordon Koring, Mrs. Glenn Meyer, Gene Moskop, Lowell Nagel, William Pinske, Elroy Reetz and Phyllis Wisch.

On December 9, 1982, an open meeting was held at the Arlington Community Hall. "Peace Lutheran" was the unanimous choice for the name for the new church. The elected church officers were: President - Gordon Koring; Vice President - Erwin Otto; Secretary - Donna Reetz; and Treasurer - Ruth Spannaus. The offer from the American Legion was accepted for the use of their building at the Arlington fairgrounds for all church activities.

The first organized meeting of Peace Lutheran was on December 20, 1982 at the Legion building. President Gordon Koring opened the meeting with a prayer asking for guidance and leadership. Services for Christmas and New Year's were discussed. It was voted at this meeting to start a Building/Site Fund. The purchase of 150 folding chairs for additional seating was approved. The meeting was then closed with the Lord's Prayer and singing of "Silent Night".

The First Worship Service

The date was December 25, 1982. Pastor Erhardt D. Eifert of Norwood, who was recently retired from the LCMS ministry, agreed to hold the first worship service for the new congregation. The Saturday Christmas Day worship service was at 9:30 AM. It was held at the Legion building at the fairgrounds in "A Service of Nine Lessons and Carols". Ruth Spannaus was the accompanist.