Sunday School

Third Grade

Welcome to our Third Grade Sunday School Class!

Third Grade Sunday School is co-taught by Yvonne Gennrich and Amy Halquist. You will often see both of us in the classroom on Sunday mornings as we feel this works well for our classroom during this important year of transition. The two of us also share a special teaching bond; we both attended the same Christian grade school near Cologne in our youth!

Third Grade Sunday School is a very exciting time and is also a year of transition. Third graders are each given their own catechism which they are able to bring back and forth from home each week. We will make references to the catechisms throughout class, but catechisms are primarily used for memory work preparation at this age.

A big change in Third Grade Sunday School is how bible lessons are taught. In prior years, the teachers would often tell the bible stories and reinforce the stories with various activities. In Third Grade, the students learn to navigate thru the Bible themselves and often the children are the ones reading the Bible stories to their classmates. Our memory work this year includes memorizing the Books of the Bible. This is a very helpful step in being able to look up passages on their own.

We welcome parents to stop by before or after class to introduce yourselves and ask any questions you may have. We are truly excited to teach your children about God’s Word.

Blessings in Christ

Yvonne and Amy